Koivumankkaan Sähkö Oy Ab

Koivumankkaan Sähkö is an electricity company of full service and high quality.

  • Quick service
  • Free estimation of price

Koivumankkaan Sähkö is grounded in 2004. The firm gives a five-years guarantee on electric installations.

You get electricity material through us at nice price, also lamps and light fittings. Our electricians have a good education and qualifications of S2-standard.

We carry out all kind of electric installations from small tasks to large electrifications on entire buildings. Our typical tasks are:                   

  • Adding of wall sockets
  • Changing unearthed wall sockets to earthed wall sockets                              
  • Installations of fault current protection switches
  • Introduction inspections for electrical installations
  • Installations of outdoor   and indoor lighting
  • Planning of lightings
  • Installations of dimmers to give warm atmosphere
  • Installation of ovens and stoves
  • Installation of floor heating cables
  • Installation of radiation heaters
  • Troubleshooting and mending work

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